Centos Mirror

Here are few questions you might want to ask about the ‘Centos Mirror’ platform
1.What is Centos Mirror?
Centos mirror is the centos server that is built to help the centos community users to download and update the centos packages as fast as possible.
2. When was ‘Centos Mirror’ introduced in Rwanda
The Centos Mirror was introduced in Rwanda on 21st Jan 2020.
3. Why is RICTA encouraging Rwandans to use Centos Mirror?
RICTA is encouraging Rwandans to use the centos mirror as downloading from a local server (Centos Mirror) which provides unmatchable latency, reliability and speed.

4. Client configurations.

To access the Ricta centos mirror edit this file /etc/yum.repos.d/CentOS-Base.repo, comment out any lines starting with mirrorlist then uncomment baseurl and edit the baseurl line by adding local centos mirror link.

For example, http://centos-mirror.programster.org/centos it has to look like this http:/centosmirror.ricta.org.rw/centos so baseurls lines will look like: