Online Course: Introduction to Network Operations

Rwanda Internet Community and Technology Alliance (RICTA), in partnership with Internet Society (ISOC) concluded a six-week practical training for Local engineers from Government, Banks, Operators, Telco’s and private institutions. So far over 141 participants have successfully completed the online course. The Introduction to Network operations course is a prerequisite to attend the RWANDANOG trainings.

With the facilitation of ISOC experts, the training was conducted via e-learning platform Moodle where all participants were given access to the learning materials and labs.

The course covered the following content:

  • Introduction to Network
  • Introduction to Linux, Unix
  • Introduction to DNS

Every participant was given access to a hands-on lab to allow him/her to do exercises and practice knowledge gained in the course.

A weekly video conferencing was facilitated by ISOC’s Expert team to respond to trainees’ questions and to enable participants to engage.

The techniques covered in the course are applicable in real world environments to setup Internet-ready caching DNS servers. This is a foundation course that provides trainees with necessary skills to allow them to progress to more advanced topics in the future

“The course was well organized, I gained more knowledge especially in Linux, Unix, which is going to bring great impact in my daily work” said Madetha from BPR.

“This was a basic course, very practical and we are going to implement the technical skills gained” said Denys Tabaro from Revolution Air.

RICTA Management is thanking and congratulating the 40 participants who managed to finalize this course during this worldwide outbreak of COVID-19. The graduated engineers will acquire certificates of completion.

With ISOC’s partnership, RICTA will continue to impact its members with technical skills and best practices.