RICTA launches a product to help businesses protect their brands online

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RICTA launches a product to help businesses protect their brands online

RICTA introduces the brand protection package. For businesses interested in protecting their reputation and securing exclusivity for their brand, this is the right package for them. This offer which would normally be at around 45,000Rwf on the market is now being offered to businesses at only 12000Rwf with a reduction inclusive.

Commenting on the introduction of the brand protection package, RICTA’S CEO Ms. Grace Ingabire mentioned that there is a need to protect brands from impersonation by Fraudsters maliciously registering the [dot] RW domain names.

Managing your reputation online can be a complex undertaking for any brand. No matter how big their business is, the security of their domain name is of higher priority. With a unique .RW web and email address, a business owner can enjoy a unique identity, secure and reliable email hence increasing your business’ visibility and productivity while securing a trusted reputation. It will also help your customers find you better online.

Companies are spending significant time and effort to guard against hackers and cyber-attacks. However, there are simple things that both startups and established companies can and should be doing to protect their greatest asset: their online business name technically known as a domain name.  In addition, protecting one’s brand provides the business owner with [dot]RW domain name address, a free redirection link to your existing website, and one reliable .RW official email address.

Speaking about this offering, Fridolin Niyonsaba, a registrar at kitech.rw domain pointed out that….

Once registered for this package, a business owner will get exclusive ownership of their brand name of up to 10 years with a discount ranging from 5 to 10%, exclusivity of their business name online in Rwanda, protection against imitation & fraudulent practices that can harm your brand image and ensure first search results for your business name in Rwanda.

Your business’s name means a lot as it identifies your brand, your reputation, and how your customers know you. But when a competitor sets up a business with a name that’s similar or identical to yours, your customers can become confused, you can lose business and your reputation may suffer. Being able to guard your online business identity from the competition is extremely important!

Registration is now ongoing and has been set at 12,000 RWF per year for RW and 9,000 RWF per year for those willing to protect any additional second-level domain names like example name.org.rw, name.net.rw, etc…

Business owners are encouraged to sign up and protect their brand today by calling 0788-125-078 or sending a WhatsApp message to 0781-151-371.