In recognization of the International Women’s day , RICTA’s CEO, Ingabire Mwikarago and the staff organized a school outreach to FAWE Girls school in Gisozi to inspire and encourage the students to pursue a career in Science Technology Engineering and Mathematics (STEM). One of the main guest speakers of the event was the CEO of AFRIDIUNIO Ltd- the winner of the inaugural 2021 Hanga Pitchfest.

This was part of RICTA’s Women’s Day activities in which Ingabire Mwikarago ,CEO of RICTA reaffirmed RICTA’s commitment towards advancing the skills of girls in Information Communication and Techonology ( ICT ) in Rwanda. Furthermore, the event was also geared towards encouraging girls to take up leadership and innovation in the ICT sector.

RICTA’s CEO-Ingabire Mwikarago addressing the gathering.

According to RICTA’s CEO Ingabire Mwikarago, “Women’s day is a special day where women across the globe come together to voice their rights , support and enhance gender equality movements.” She also created awareness about the advantages and the disadvantages of using social media as well as the benefits of technology. Ingabire Mwikarago said, “Social media and technology can be used to improve learning and problem solving through research.”

AFRIDUINO Ltd CEO Diana Cyuzuzo addressing the students

On the subject of gender equality, AFRIDUINO Ltd CEO Diana Cyuzuzo also mentioned that women and girls are (just as) able because they are as normal as men and told the students never to limit their dreams.” She advised the students to get involved in innovation and creativity as everyone has a chance to come out with unique sustainable solutions for the problems faced in our communities and as a job creator, not a job seeker.

A cross section of students in attendance. The event was well attended.

In the same vein, RICTA has been doing its part to inspire and engage the next generation of female IT engineers with a mixture of upskilling, representation, training, incentives and workshops. In this regard, RICTA recognized five (5) FAWE students for their ICT initiatives and rewarded them with internship opportunities to kick start their ICT career prospects. Two students in S.6 received an opportunity to intern at RICTA and the other three students were awarded mentorship opportunities within RICTA’s partner organisations.

One of the students who was awarded an internship standing next to the CEO of RICTA-Ingabire Mwikarago and Sister Eugenie Kayiraba

Expressing her appreciation, Sister Eugenie said, “I am grateful for RICTA organizing such an impactful event and recognizing our hardworking students in ICT.” The internship opportunities awarded will not only benefit the awardees but is a motivating factor to the rest of the students. She was pleased with the visit from RICTA because students require moments that boost up their morale and motivate them to set up their goals higher and achieve them. She also remarked that “the pillar and foundation of the school is to groom a girl child into sciences and sciences go hand in hand with partical applications and not only theoretical knowledge. In this way, one is able to align the knowledge obtained with the community needs. Finally, Ingabire Mwikarago – RICTA’s CEO closed the event by thanking the administration of FAWE for hosting RICTA team and taking their ample time to learn, listen and interact with them.