RICTA is the registry for .RW Internet Domain Names and maintains the database of names registered in the .RW country code Top Level Domain. RICTA is a Not-for-Profit, Non-Governmental Self-Regulating body and managers of the .RW national resource, the country code Top Level Domain(ccTLD) name space in the public interest of Rwanda and global internet communities. To enhance business competitiveness, it is imperative to have online presence; a place where customers can easily access your products and services thus promote E-Commerce. Our core function is to manage and administer the .RW Domain name space. By doing so:
  1. We enable Business to be availed online
  2. We Provide a unique Rwandan Identity in Cyberspace
  3.  We provide you the worldwide online visibility;
Get your .RW Domain Name today through our accredited Registrars available: https://www.ricta.org.rw/registrars/