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Register your .RW identity online

Unique Rwandan online identity

Look no further than a .rw domain! Owning a unique web address set your apart in a crowded digital marketplace while displaying the deep connection you have with Rwanda. Get your .RW domain now and stand out.

Global reach

With a .rw domain name, you can expand the reach of your business beyond Rwanda and tap into a global audience. This helps position your website as Rwandan and enables you to tap into a local and international audience.

Professional email addresses

With domain name, you can create email addresses that are appropriate for your business and website, such as This will improve your company’s reputation with clients and enhance your authenticity.

Registrar of April


A registrant is the person, company or organization that registers a domain name. All registrants manage their domain names through their registrars. When you register a domain name, you become a registrant.

A Domain name is a text-based name used to identify an Internet space. A domain name can have multiple services such as a website, a mail service, etc. associated and/or built onto it [domain name]

“.RW” domain names are registered through RICTA accredited registrars. RICTA maintains the complete list of its accredited registrars at this URL

First, you, the domain name owner (registrant) has to identify the new (gaining) registrar you want to work with. The new (gaining) registrar, through an official request from RICTA registry systems, issue a domain name transfer request to the old (losing) registrar. Once the old (losing) registrar agrees, the domain name is transferred.

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