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In today’s digital world, establishing a strong online presence is vital for businesses and individuals .For those looking to secure their brand with RW, the journey begins with identifying and partnering with one of the RICTA accredited Resellers technically known as “Registrars”.

The Rwanda Internet community and Technology Alliance (RICTA) oversees the accreditation process for Registrars. They are therefore licensed to provide RW domain services on behalf of RICTA  by ensuring a smooth operation of the country’s digital assets. RICTA plays a pivotal role in overseeing domain registrations in Rwanda and ensures that registrars meet specific standards, fostering a secure and reliable online environment for businesses and individuals.

How to become a .RW Accredited Registrar?

The journey to becoming an accredited .RW registrar involves a series of steps designed to ensure that applicants are well-equipped to uphold the standards of Rwanda’s digital assets.

This process begins with a formal application letter to RICTA, showcasing the applicant’s commitment and readiness; this is followed with an evaluation of the technical capabilities, including DNS management expertise and EPP (Extensible Provisioning Protocol) compliance, ensuring that the company can support the dynamic needs of clients technically known as “Registrants”.

Upon successful evaluation, the signing of the “Registry – Registrar Agreement” marks the beginning of a new chapter as an official Accredited .RW registrar. Please note that you don’t need to have a physical presence in Rwanda to become a RW Registrar, applications are open from anywhere in the World as our mission is to make RW the domain of choice within and beyond Rwanda.

Where to Find the List of RW Accredited Partners

Visit our website: to explore the list of accredited registrars in Africa and beyond. This comprehensive directory serves as a one-stop hub for individuals and companies seeking credible partners for their domain registration needs. The list not only showcases the diversity of accredited registrars but also provides links to each accredited registrar’s website, with essential information to aid in the decision-making process.

Choosing Your RW Accredited Registrar

Selecting the right accredited registrar is a crucial step in the journey towards a successful online presence. Considerations may include the registrar’s reputation, customer support, and other additional services offered.

Accredited registrars are well-versed in industry standards, ensuring adherence to best practices in domain management. Moreover, they often provide additional services such as hosting, certificates, security features, technical support and other added services , enhancing the overall experience for their clients.

As Rwanda continues to position itself as a tech-savvy nation, the role of accredited registrars becomes increasingly significant in shaping the digital landscape. By working with RW Accredited partners, businesses contribute to the growth and stability of Rwanda’s Internet ecosystem.