RICTA has mandate from the regulator (RURA) to represent Rwanda Internet Community. RICTA has done some activities to meet this mandate for the community. Below are activities already carried by RICTA we have organized that richly impacted Rwanda internet community.

RICTA has developed different Linux caches like Ubuntu mirror, debian mirror ,Centos mirror and we are planning to bring more caches, now we have seen the impact for that caches in terms of traffic and feedback from the community.

We Organize:


Rwanda Network Operators Group (RwNOG) is an event targeting the Internet technical community, where we train Engineer on new skills and best practices for routing and Linux system administration.

Technical Online Tranings

RICTA in partnership with ISOC has organised online training such us:
-MANRS (Mutually Agreed Norms for Routing Security)
-Introduction to Network Operation


Rwanda Internet Governance Forum (RwIGF), an annual public forum that brings together all key stakeholders to discuss issues pertaining to Internet governance.